Download rcg rcfg rcfgx rsps files for led display.

What is the config file for the LED screen?


For your Novastar or Linsn and DBstar control system work correctly, you need the Rcg rcfg rcfgx rsps settings file. This file contains data about the LED module of which your screen is composed. The file contains the parameters of the modules such as frequencies, the distribution of LEDs in groups, the types of IC chips used, the resolution of the module and cabinet and some other data. Typically, your screen seller will provide you with the correct rcfg rcg file, but sometimes this does not happen or your screen is very old and the file is lost. In this case, you can try to select and download rcg rcfg config file for your modules from the database on this site. There is also an intelligent setting through which you can create a new file. If you cannot find the rcg file for your led wall, write to site admin.The process of creating a configuration file can be difficult for a beginner and has many nuances. If you still have questions, you can contact me through mail or whatsapp.

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