DBstar RSPS config files download

01.06.2020 last update


DBstar RSPS files download

DBstar RSPS file download page



You use all files provided on this page at your own risk.

On this page, you can try to find and download the dbstar rsps file for your LED screen.

Attention! If you upload the wrong file to your screen, it may lead to damage to the screen or its malfunction. DBstar very hard and advanced control system.

Wrong rsps file may produce low brightness, flicker or poor picture. It can also cause overheating of diodes or driver chips. Use these files at your own risk. To get the correct file, contact the manufacturer of your LED modules or use the XMplayer Wizard setup setting. If you do not have enough knowledge to making DBstar wizard setup, or you canoot find the RSPS  file in our library write to the site administrator admin@rcg-rcfg.com This can be done through remote access(TeamViewer or Anydesk).



Also, if you have any configuration files for diode screens, you can help the development of this project. Pack the files in the ZIP archive and send to this mail admin@rcg-rcfg.com  About once every three months the database will be updated and your files appear in it. This will help to avoid file loss after a few years, and also help other people to configure the same modules.


Look to your led module and see our rsps file list and download rsps file


updated 01.06.2020


Absen Dbstar rsps file library P3-P20 download





DBstar P6.25 12 SCAN download